Rhino And The Safari Men

Rhino And The Safari Men
© 1998 – Michael Rihner Music, BMI

All music composed and arranged by Mike Rihner

With special guests
Stanton Moore: Drums
Dave Easley: Pedal Steel Guitar
Doug Waguespack: Bass
Michael Ward: Violin

Mike Rihner: Piano, Synthesizer, Guitar, Vocals
Reggie Murray: Saxophones
James Cabiran: Drums
Jimmy Legnon: Bass
Mark Mehaffey: Guitar

1. Spearhead
2. The Tube
3. Day & Night
4. Blues For Ellis
5. Wendy's Song
6. Jumping Light Particles
7. Crescent City Safari
8. Monkey Business
9. The Glacier Song
10. Planet 10
11. Eclipse
12. Universal Language
13. Fairgame
14. Spearhead Part II
15. Rhineaux On Da Bayeaux

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